Russell Redenbaugh, blind from age 16, has learned we all live in narratives that both expand and limit our opportunities.  Success isn't an accident.  It can be designed.
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"Here’s a book that will jolt you out of complacency and caution and give you an exciting new sense of possibilities for your life. Like Franklin Roosevelt when felled with polio, Russell Redenbaugh didn’t let the loss of sight from a teenage accident stop him from taking risks and leading a full, inspiring life. The perfect read at a time when the culture is dominated by pessimism and despair.”

Editor-in-Chief Forbes
“Shift the Narrative is sheer inspiration at every turn. Russell Redenbaugh’s story of overcoming physical and emotional challenges, as well as battling societal stereotypes is heartwarming. Readers will get many takeaways for both life and business success from this book. I highly recommend it!”

Art Laffer
What is this Book About?

Russell’s motivational memoir details a blind man’s vision of how he changed his narrative from the impossible to the economically probable and, in the process, moved from welfare to wealth to become...
  • First blind student ever admitted to Wharton School of Business, went on to graduate 5th in his class.
  • Partner and Chief Investment Officer of a $6 billion investment management firm.
  •  Silicon Valley entrepreneur and holder of two patents in Business Process Design.
  •  US Civil Rights Commissioner serving under three US Presidents.
  •  First blind black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Went on to win 3 gold medals in the World Championships...fighting sighted opponents.
  •  Founder of an investment advisory and research firm designed to break from Wall Street's tranquilizing narratives about money, wealth and investing.

It took Russell a lifetime to learn effective strategies to shift his narratives and change his life.  
Now, he shares wisdom and advice on how you can begin shifting the narratives that limit you.

Shift YOUR Narrative

While most “experts” promise to show you how to be better, achieve more or aim higher, Russell Redenbaugh believes that we already possess the capability to have more of what we care about. What blinds us are our narratives.

Russell believes that these narratives are not fixed, rigid and unchangeable. They can be changed. While Russell was physically blinded at age 16 by a rocket explosion, it was his narrative about being blind that would either limit or open his possibilities. He shifted his narrative away from being a victim and declared he would not accept that being blind meant he would be poor, dependent and homebound. He declared that he would not succumb to the narrative of what it is to be blind. He would live in the sighted world, doing things sighted people do.

Changing a story changes the storyteller. A different narrative produces a different you. It is not easy. It is not instantaneous. But, it can be done. There are tools you can use now to start having more of what you care about. You can’t win a gold medal in jiujitsu tomorrow, but you can begin shifting your narrative to make that a possibility today.

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